Partnership Model

Our Partnership model is POPO (Partner Owned, Partner Operated)

In this model we rent out brand to Partner and for this a particular non refundable sum for a pre agreed time period is charged. Prices and merchandising is decided by company. Marketing in national media say print and electronic is taken care by brand. Both capital expenditure cost and operational cost is borne by Partners.

Pre-requisites to be PlayShaala Partner

  • To facilitate learning according to the International standards, 2000sq ft-10,000 sq ft is required (owned/ rented). Independent bungalow with open play area can be considered.
  • About 60% of the total area can be used as the indoor space and a minimum of 10-15 sq ft per student is considered optimal.
  • The total investment would be approx Rs. 10 lakhs inclusive of the Partnership Fees. The initial investment would be towards the cost of interiors, equipments and startup Franchise Fee. Please note that this initial investment is dependent on the model of Pre-school and could vary based on location and other factors.
  • Premium Franchise can be given for purpose-built preschools on a land area of 5000-25000 sq ft.
  • Entrepreneurs: who are passionate to improve India’s education through innovative teaching methodologies.
  • People who love to be involved with toddlers.

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