Franchise FAQS


Q. How is the pre-school market in India?

ANS. Pre-school segment is one of the fastest-growing segments within India’s educational services industry owing to a lack of regulations and growing demand. CRISIL Research expects the pre-school market to grow at a CAGR of 20% to reach Rs 165 billion in 2017-18 from Rs 80 billion in 2013-14. The pre-school industry is reckoned as a sunrise industry as there is increasing awareness among parents about the benefits of a quality pre-school education. The pre-school market potential in India is very huge.

Q. How can I be benefited from owning a pre-school?

ANS. Preschool segment is growing by leaps and bounds as a large no of people are investing. It is observed that due to initial investments being minimal, expansion though the franchise route offers easy growth opportunities.

The benefits from owning a pre-school can be listed below:

  • Respect from the community
  • High degree of satisfaction by catering to a social cause.
  • Minimal initial investments.
  • Easy and quick returns.
  • Low Risk factor, as the industry demands are growing exponentially
  • And an opportunity to enhance the education sySTREAM of India.

Q. How is PlayShaala different from other schools?

ANS. The Differential Features of being our Partner :

  • 21st Century Preschool concept in India for the first time.
  • Backed by a team of experienced educationists, who not only understand the demand for metro cities but also for Tier II and Tier III cities of India.
  • The Founders have trustworthy and Reliable Name in “Education Sector” which will give an opportunity for easy Expansion with “Strategum”
  • Un-ending support in all the operations of the Partner which will result in Stress-free set up.
  • Uniquely designed and developed curriculum which is the outcome of research, extensive hard work and expertise to nurture 21st Century Skills.
  • Incorporation of STREAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) through Curriculum 2.1 enables the children to be 21st century Global citizens.
  • Low real estate cost – prime commercial location not required
  • Easy and quick return availing early Break-Even point


Q. What are the pre-requisites for owning a PlayShaala ?

ANS. The pre-requisites for opening a PlayShaala :

  • Area- 3000sq. ft or more
  • Investment – minimum 15lakhs
  • Passion- for development and welfare of youngest generation.

Q. How much area to start a PlayShaala ?

ANS. To facilitate international standards of education, the minimum requirement of land is 3000 sq ft.

Q. Do I need any qualification to become a PlayShaala Owner?

ANS.To become a PlayShaala Owner, the minimum requirements are

  • Should preferably be a Post Graduate.
  • Should be passionate to improve India’s education through innovative teaching methodologies.
  • Should love to spend time in development and welfare of our youngest generation by providing them with love and support.

Q. How much investment is needed? Do you provide any financial aids?

ANS.The total investments needed to own a PlayShaala school would be minimum Rs. 15 lakhs
We are currently seeking support from various banks for financial aids facility.

Q. What all costs will the investment include? What extra costs would I be needed to incur during the course of the agreement?

ANS.The cost included in the initial investment is as follows:

  • Total set up cost, which includes the infrastructure, furniture and fixtures and wall design
  • The educational equipments and teaching aids.

Extra cost that would be required to incur during the course of agreement is Operational cost, which will be year long, and Royalty, which is 15% of the total gross sales payable monthly.

Q. When can I start to earn the profits? What is the break-even point?

ANS.PlayShaala offers early break even points which is approx 2 yrs.


Q. For how long will the agreement be valid? Can I renew the agreement?

ANS. The agreement is valid for a period of five years. It can however be renewed for a term of three years after mutual consent.

Renewal charges after 5 years would be 50% of the then prevailing Partnership Fees to the new partners.

Q. After signing the agreement, how long will it take to start the operations?

ANS. After signing the agreement, it usually takes 30-90 days for infrastructural development.

Q. How can I increase the productivity of my premises?

ANS. We are in the process of taking up partnerships with certain companies providing the enrichment programs for the development of the kids. For Ex: Foreign Language classes, Dance Classes, Coaching centers, Tuition classes, abacus and many more.

Q. What will happen if I couldn’t put in funds for daily management of my school?

ANS. We assist you with various options provided by banks.

Q. What will happen if I delay my royalties or couldn’t pay them at all?

ANS. . If there is a delay in payment, the amount shall bear simple interest until received by the Company.


Q. Would you provide specifications for building/ renovation of the school?

ANS. Yes, we have standard guidelines that must be adhered to be a PlayShaala Partner.

Q. Can I take the franchise if I already run a pre-school?

ANS. Yes, you can convert your preschool into PlayShaala easily provided you meet the pre-requisites.

Q. What benefits / support would I receive as a Franchisee?

ANS. We offer you support in all operations of the business. Our support includes: Initial Set up, Marketing, Admissions, Academic Support, Recruitment of Staff, Training, SySTREAMs and practices etc. Limited on-site support in terms of availability of our coordinator and academic team visits will also be offered.

Q. Where will the training of staff take place?

ANS. The training is held at one of the pre-determined Centre.

Q. When will I get the course materials?

ANS. The course materials will be provided to you, once the franchise agreement is signed and the infrastructure is developed.

Q. Would the company decide what fees I am to charge from the parents or I can decide it on my own?

ANS. The Company will assist you in deciding the fee structure after proper market survey.

Q. Would you provide learning kits for the kids?

ANS. Yes, we do. The learning material varies for each learning level at PlayShaala .

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