Differential features

Differential Features:

Students at PlayShaala are born in 21st Century. They cannot be taught using ways we learnt in 20th Century.

STREAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)
Incorporation of Science Concepts through STREAM Laboratories ( STREAM Centre, Eisel Centre, Robotics, Books Corner, Music Centre, Etc)

Project Based Learning –
It is an engaging interdisciplinary approach which provides hands on task to students to experience the real world.

21st Century Skills –
We focus on instilling 21st Century Skills i.e- Critical thinking and Problem Solving skills, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Enhancing Culture, and Character Education.

It encourages students to explore and play while also learning specific concepts like sequencing, conditioning, and debugging.

Every week Yoga at PlayShaala helps develops Healthy Bodies & Minds of the learners of the 21st Century.

Special Educational Needs (SEN)
PlayShaala curriculum caters to the learning pace of every child.

Health & Safety
Ensure Health and Safety of all children in a hygienic learning environment.

Apple TV
It is an interactive smart way of executing the teaching-learning process to provide real world experiences to the budding learners.

Love, Joy, Thinking –
These elements are the foundation of PlayShaala which is present throughout the learning at every level of understanding.

Global Citizenship
Celebration of National and International festivals inculcating global culture and citizenship.

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