Creative Environment

The Environment of a preschool greatly influences children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. At PlayShaala, we create a physically and psychologically safe and stimulating environment that offers a variety of developmentally appropriate materials, tasks and situations where the educator encourages children’s learning through independent and group exploration, play, access to diverse resources and interaction with other children and adults.

By ensuring that every child feels welcomed, the educator gives children the message that every individual is respected, that each child and family is an important part of the classroom community, and that every child has opportunities to benefit from the shared community space and resources and to participate in maintaining them.

By offering children a secure environment and accommodating specific learning needs, the educator encourages children to work cooperatively, to engage in different kinds of activities, and to take learning risks. Outdoor areas of the school and community resources are also valuable components of a rich learning environment

Our PlayShaala Learning Model develops all aspects of a child’s personality and promotes an enthusiastic approach to learning. The necessary skills and knowledge are developed for each child to begin their educational journey with a positive self-image and an understanding of the world around them.

We invite parents regularly to observe and participate in the Activities and Events that take place all year around. This makes it easier for kids to gel in the festive environment and interact with adults with confidence and ease. Displaying the creativity of kids will also result in easy understanding of the curriculum and the pedagogies by the parents.

The Portfolios of the children are maintained by staff. As these are confidential records, only staff and families have access to their child’s progress records.The following Learning Centers at PlayShaala enhance the learning experience of the child:

  • Science Station
  • Technology Center
  • Engineering Station
  • Art Center/Eisel Center
  • Mathematics Center
  • Dramatics Center
  • Robotics
  • Library
  • Music Corner

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