Core Values

Our Values

For Our Children

In our interactions with children we:

  • Extend and complement the home by providing a loving, stable and secure environment that supports each child and their family
  • Nurture the child’s sense of well-being, identity and self-worth by supporting the development of the whole child
  • Nurture curious, creative, confident, active and involved learners
  • Encourage children to show respect for others and their environment through modelling positive attitude, respect for diversity, sensitivity to the needs of others and effective communication

For Our Families

In our interactions with families we:

  • Promote in families a sense of ownership and belonging by including them in decisions related to management, policy and procedure, our curriculum and by including them in social and cultural activities
  • Recognise and value each families cultural heritage and uniqueness and endeavour to incorporate these into our everyday care routines
  • Offer both practical and emotional support to families through the provision of information on available services within the community and current research into child and family related issues
  • Work in partnership with the family and assist parents in guiding the development of their children

For Our Educators

In support of our Educators we:

  • Recognise and value the experience and professional status of our educators and provide then with opportunities for further professional development
  • Recognise and value each Educator’s cultural heritage and unique way of doing things and endeavor to incorporate these into our programs
  • Support an harmonious, respectful and friendly working environment through problem solving and conflict management processes that are easily accessible, open and fair
  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for staff that will support their well-being
  • Promote a sense of ownership and belonging by including our Educators in decisions related to management, policy and procedure and our curriculum

For Our Community and the Environment In support of our community and the environment we:

  • Share our interests, knowledge and experiences with both our local community and the wider community
  • Acknowledge that the diversity within our Centre is representative of the wider community
  • Explore the community through excursions and community participation in our programs
  • Promote respect for the environment through modelling and discussing with children and families environmentally friendly practices

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