Chairman’s Message

Many years ago, an enlightened person asked us this question:

When does the child have utmost potential?

a) Before she goes to Pre-school, or
b) After she complete 16 years of Schooling

For years, we have been asking the same question to many educators and professionals. The answer invariably was (a) Before she goes to Pre-School.

We realized that the 12 years of traditional School Education from Grade 1 to 12 will be worthless if its not built on a strong foundation of a curious, creative and thinking mind. The children going through the factory sySTREAM of School Education year after year, simply lose the curiosity for learning and thinking. Their natural intelligence is nipped in the bud and as a result the mankind is deprived of a great natural scientist, artist, sportsman, leader and thinker.

PlayShaala was conceived and planned in response to this challenge.

At PlayShaala, we would do everything to ensure that the natural intelligence of the child is blossomed in a creative, loving, inspiring and playful environment. The learning experience for the students (PlayScholars) will be rigorous and connected to real world. We would be using the teaching approach based on Design Thinking and Project Based Learning (PBL) to deliver a STREAM curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) that is designed to prepare students for the brave new world of 21st Century. After all, our PlayScholars are born in 21st Century, how can we continue to teach them with ways we learnt in 20th Century.

We look forward for your support and blessings as we embark on this beautiful journey to work with toddlers across India.

Yeshwanth Raj Parasmal
Strategum Eduserve Private Limited

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